Monday, November 17, 2008

P.T.F Report 4

The P.T.F Reports are new and improved with more action than you're mind may be willing to handle. This week we have a super exclusive Tim Eddy interview, a late night mini ramp session at the Party Time Compound, and some ultra awesome old school boarding. Sounds like a recipe for AWESOME if you ask me. Enjoy.

P.T.F 4 from Alex Horgan on Vimeo.


Messy Mess said...

I love old school shreddin! said...

hey alex! it's paul from boReal!

could you throw this edit up on your blog??

Thanks man!

Mel said...

Well Done!

Messy Mess said...

Hey Alex Here is a theme song for your shiat..

Mikey Leblanc and Ben Fee made this song when we were in Japan..

Fokust Designs said...

heres some love for yall!
one love